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About Me

Our education narrative should be full of experiential discovery with the intention of mindfulness. An active learning journey is a powerful one—finding meaning, igniting trends, creating movements, or just changing the conversation. Teaching with mindfulness explores a future of learning with intention, awareness and curiosity so that we strive for mental, physical, and social wellbeing. Educational study tours through Europe focus on the fashion industry, learning to spot trends in subcultures, food, art, history and media. Goal-setting workshops offer career development guidance, with mindfulness at the core. Experiencing new things allow our minds to discover opportunities that will help guide us on a meaningful path towards a successful future. If we learn by doing, we can find the common themes that will lead us through our professional and personal lives.

If you are a teacher at any level, mindfulness may be a valuable ally in so many different aspects of your work and calling. It may also satisfy something deep within yourself that hungers for authenticity, connectivity, and a creativity that emerges as more than the sum of its individual components. It is profoundly satisfying indeed to feel the love of learning and a sense of adventure in discovery come alive in the classroom and see it manifest in your students’ work and lives through the cultivation of mindfulness. As teachers, we live for this. - Jon Kabat-Zinn, Mindfulness for Beginners

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