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I am a storyteller and fashion educator who loves to connect with other humans. I teach through experience, and believe that every moment can be an unforgettable lesson if we take time to value and become more aware of our surroundings. Enjoy and grow from every moment, while living life through mindful movement. My connection to teaching and learning and a curiosity for new experiences, blended with storytellingoffers a place to build a collaborative environment that creates progress with the purpose of mental strength.

My hope for Teach With Mindfulness is to provide connection with human stories and educational experiences—where creativity and determination help others discover new things to learn and act upon. Diverse and purposeful narratives built to keep us moving in a productive, yet healthy way.


                "Experience is the mother of knowledge." - A Wrinkle In Time



I encourage every being to be active with purpose, find mental strength, and take the journey towards personal development and well-being. In my current role at lululemon, I am helping to ignite the world through movement so all humans discover their full potential. I have been in fashion education for the past 8 years and grateful to be teaching the next generation of Fashion professionals as an adjunct instructor with LIM College in New York, and Columbia College Chicago. You can read a little more about me in my interview with Columbia, and drop me a note or connect with me.

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