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Maritza Marrero: Balance and Forgiveness in Order to Live the Life You Love

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

Spiritual guidance helps me get on the right path and in tune with my own growth. Whether you are into spirituality, yoga, or meditation, there are important lessons to learn when we remember the importance of just being our authentic selves. We have become a society that tends to look at others curated lives online and think that if we don't have the life that others find interesting, we begin to believe that we are not worthy. To please others is not a form of being authentic and real, and caring about what others think of you is not the right way to be yourself. We need to take moments to calm our mind so that we can use it to discover, grow and experience life in a real and authentic way, and not the one we think we have to curate online. This will help you discover that you don't have to follow a trend, or be better than anyone else. Your soul will never rest until you stop trying to become someone for the sake of looking good. You need to create balance and let go of resentment so that you can take the time to explore so that others can enjoy the magic you bring to this world.

I felt that the best teaching from Maritza came in the form of forgiveness and balance. It describes two of the most important things that come out of her work. When I discovered that the resentment I held onto for so long never allowed me to live the life I wanted, I let go and decided to just be. I became an explorer of the world and discovered how to cut through all the noise and clutter of the curated self, and dug deep to find the simpler, and more real me.

Read about Maritza here.

On Maintaining Balance

Maintaining balance in one’s life helps to reduce stress and improve your general health and well being. A person’s mental state of mind also improves and can help fight against illnesses such as depression and anxiety. Balance helps to boost a person’s energy and improve one’s mood.

My energy body work helps deliver relief and opens an individual’s channels so that their energy can flow optimally. It creates harmony within the body and mind. As a practitioner, I utilize crystals, stones, reiki, dowsing tools and tuning forks to design a customized session for my clients. In all my sessions I clear the client’s energy field in order to prepare the body to release whatever it’s ready to let go of. The seven main chakras (energy centers) of the body are balanced and the energy blockages in the body are defused. The physical benefits of energy body work include a slower breathing and heart rate, lower blood pressure and relaxation. Chakra balancing helps strengthen the immune system, regulate all bodily functions and give clients a sense of renewal.  

On the Importance of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a very difficult action to perform. Generally, people hold on to anger and blame towards those who have emotionally harmed them. They have a difficult time releasing the negative energy. Holding on to such negative energy, blocks our success and happiness. On a physical level, holding on to deep resentment of others affects our health. It can cause unnecessary stress and anxiety. Forgiveness is all about letting go of resentment. The act of forgiveness is mostly for ourselves and helps us move on and let go of harmful thought patterns so we can develop healthy thought patterns. It has its physical health benefits such as lowing high blood pressure.

Forgiveness needs to come from within you. The most difficult part of forgiveness is the decision to forgive. Once you decide to forgive you are giving yourself permission to move on with your life without pain and resentment. The act of forgiveness frees you to have more positive experiences in your life. It enables you to heal and move on with your life.

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