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MaryBeth Lisek: A Sense of Loss Created a Path Toward Healing

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

I will always make the case that teachers come in all forms. While one can lecture, another can have a very informative discussion, others like me use experience as a way to teach. Since wellness is very important to me, I continue to seek the people who can teach others to look beyond the physical, and get really close to our inner selves. Though this path may be only right for some, I hope that others can learn what helps them strive and be healthy from a mental state too. There are the people who know that the idea of wellness can mean many different things, and it is important that we seek what is right for us. Each year, I find new people and places to guide me on this right path, but it typically leads to some sort of healing.

I went to see MaryBeth for a crystal healing session, and since then have been a believer that our truth lies deep within our core and it is the place where we find happiness and all the other things we have to make us feel better. Someone can give us the tools, but we go out into this world and finish it. WE choose what to do with everything that is given to us. Much like in a classroom, this type of learning means quieting your mind, and taking in what is meant to be there for you. My conversations with Marybeth usually get pretty deep surrounding my spirit world, but this time I wanted to hear her perspective on what she believes people can do for their own path towards wellness. Her perspective about learning how to quiet our mind and understand our feelings, could really help us find peace. She reminds me that we can't control what happens, just what we choose to do with it.

What type of work do you do?

Crystal Healing, Reiki, Intuitive Guidance (through one-on-one sessions and groups), Clearing Energy in Homes, Design and Create Jewelry

What is your view on living a happy life?

Happiness is something that we get to choose. If we are thinking that in order to be happy then x, y and z need to happen first we are going about it all wrong. It is not always easy to remember that we hold the power within ourselves to choose to be happy. Giving thanks for what we have every day will help to remind you of some of the reasons why you get to be happy no matter what is going on.

Can you tell me how you got into this path and what led you to help in this form of wellness?

My sister battled cancer for 15 years off and on. While I was one of the caregivers for her I began to struggle with many of my own inner wounds. They began to reintroduce themselves to me and not always in very pleasant ways. I would feel angry and resentful and a myriad of other things. I also felt separated from the rest of my family because I was trying to look at things differently. At the time, I was doing Tai Chi and I was learning how to quiet my head.  Once I began to learn to be quiet inside I was more patient with some of the emotions that were bubbling up inside of me. When she passed away I sought grievance counseling and there and then I was being led by someone who was showing me how to find my intuitive gifts within me. Other things began to fall into my path and I found myself stepping toward them and at first I wasn’t completely aware of how they were all going to fit together but it’s like the most beautiful jigsaw puzzle being put together right inside of me. 

I have since lost both my parents and nearly one of my brothers through an illness he has overcome. There are other aspects of myself and expectations of others that showed to be healed through these challenges also, adding to this puzzle of mine.

If I had to sum up what put me on my path it would be the sense of LOSS.

You have helped me find balance and peace. How do you practice this and what is the biggest advice you give to people when they seek your guidance?

My practice is to spend time being quiet almost every day (if possible) even if it is for five minutes. Being in gratitude is a very important thing, realizing how much you have to be thankful for is a huge step toward peace. I also need to remind myself often to ask for help!!  Call on guides or angels or whomever you may feel close to and ask for help. 

My advice to any person seeking my guidance is to begin to get to know you. Not the “you” that you have been told you are but rather the person inside struggling to be seen, heard and loved. Many times we have chosen to believe all that we have been told and so we never stop to actually get to know what is inside of us. I am talking about the magic that we hold within but are afraid to show because it might not be accepted by others. If you have always been attracted to something or wished it was a part of you, then step toward it!!  More than likely, it has always been a part of you and it is really trying to get your attention.  Do not let your “false ego” decide that you are not good enough or whatever comes to stop you from exploring the subject matter. You might be surprised how much happier you allow yourself to be.

A good start could be to find the word you use often without realizing it to describe yourself. For example, “what scares me”, “I’m afraid that (   ) will happen”, “I am worried that”, etc. Pay attention to what you identify with and then explore that word, emotion, or whatever it may be to you. Be gentle with yourself, do this without judgement and begin to understand where this feeling actually comes from. Treat it as a friend and understand that it can’t own you unless you allow it ownership. After you identify this word, begin to stop yourself from using it as a daily staple. It will take some practice but once you notice it you will be able to better understand that you hold the power to turn it around.

How can spiritual healing teach people to live a more purposeful, and productive life?

Once someone has felt the peaceful openness of having been through a healing they can begin to know firsthand that there are other options. Beginning to see your worth and loving yourself no matter what is going on will encourage you to continue to do things that keep you healthy and happy. Just remember that making mistakes is something that will happen. In fact, many mistakes can be deemed as necessary lessons. Do not beat yourself up, rather step away from those things that you know do not bring you peace and happiness.

Can this relate to other aspects of life that some people might not think of?

Sure. People who begin to find their own healing often end up being a great example to others who might be struggling. When this happens with people around you like family and friends then you, too, begin to feel as though a load has been lifted.There is something about going through life kindly and focusing on all the things that bring you happiness that begins to open one’s view of life in a whole other way entirely. Possibilities begin to come to us that at one time were unapproachable in our own minds. 

Do people often come to you for help or to tell them what to do for their well-being?

That is funny because all of my life people have approached me and begin to tell me all of their stories/problems. I had never realized that it was a gift before but learning about being an Empath helped me to realize that it certainly allows others to relax in my company. Not everyone will ask my opinion but there is something about a safe space to release some things that really seems to help them. Now, as far as my business goes, people come for all kinds of reasons. Some are spiritual and are anxious to learn more, some are troubled by having lost someone close, some just come because they think it seems like a cool thing to do. But my belief is that every one of them is being guided in my direction because I will have something for them.  

How are we learning and teaching ourselves each day in your view?

I can only speak for myself. When something doesn’t make me feel good whether it is having been around a specific person or it is something I have decided to participate in I will step back and listen quietly with the intention of understanding something about it. I will say that not all the information will fly forward at one time. I have worked on some subject matters quite a bit AND, with most of the subjects I will find that there is something within me that I need to heal and/or release. The people or events are only my teachers that brought the subject to my attention. There will be times that you might prefer to hold onto the person or event as the bad guy but then you would be distracting yourself from your own healing.

How do we listen more attentively to what we need and adhere to new challenges we face?

Journaling can help. I was taught to call it “spirit writing”. There are times that I will wake up at early hours of the morning and not be able to sleep so I will get up and write down whatever comes to my mind. I don’t try to make sense of it or edit it AT ALL. There is quite a bit of information that will come through and may not make sense at the time. The continual practice of allowing ourselves to put things down on paper and let them flow through us is very important to the concept of letting go and listening to your own self. Approaching challenges in life can be daunting but remember to ask for help and then remember that you are not in control and that you are not alone. Just walk toward everything you do with integrity and be true to yourself and things will work out the way they are meant to even if it is not what we assume it should look like. You might even want to ask why you are being presented a specific challenge right before you get quiet. You may be shown something that will soften your view on the subject.

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