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Study Abroad Short Courses


These short courses are both experiential travel courses approaching the fashion industry with mindfulness as our guide. Various parts of the globe are explored, with current offerings in Milan, Portugal and Spain. 


Spotting trends by examining cultural indicators of the country, including street style, food, fashion, design concepts and vintage shopping. By learning and being exposed to other cultures, you can keep an objective view and see things from other people's mindset. We examine micro and macro trends and their value in the fashion industry. We identify how trends trickle down to different market segments and influence what people will wear or how brands can design new product. Examining ways to help the market achieve intention and purpose with both the design of new or recycled product.

Mindful Well-Made Product

This workshop explores tradition, culture and craftsmanship. Well-made, handmade goods and textiles are an art form. We can develop an awareness of valuing how skilled artisans throughout history have helped shape how luxury fashion began with a human element and made it unique and different. By simply exploring an ancient city, you can begin to develop the curiosity of valuing it's history, culture, architecture, food and way of life. We dive into the craft of design, and explore the skilled artisans who are passionately committed to their craft, with their sole purpose and mission to generate well-made product.

"What is well made, with hands and heart, is different and of a higher value, a value which is being rediscovered, again and again, within the vast reality of the crafts world, so rich with beauty." - Cologni Foundation for the Métiers d'Art

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